Direct Debit Information

Dear Students (Adults & Children) and Parents,

Currently one way we are working on promoting Ken Shin Kan Australia. We believe it is time to move with the times for the benefit of all Ken Shin Kan members.

One of the areas that have been developed is a new payment option. Beginning the start of the next term we have created a Pay Pal Subscription option on the Ken Shin Kan website. It is a direct debit method of payment that deducts the monthly membership fee from your Visa or MasterCard .It provides an easy hassle free way to pay your fees on time.

How does it work?

All students, who are interested in using this option, will need to go to the Ken Shin Kan Website (Members Section) and subscribe to the membership for deductions to come out at the beginning of every month, preferably the first of the month to maintain consistency.

Once a subscription is selected you will be sent to the Pay Pal website which will take you through the process. Once you have successfully subscribed Ken Shin Kan will receive notification.

Is it Secure?

Pay Pal is the most secure payment method in the world. Millions of transactions occur every day around the world using Pay Pal so you do not need to worry about your card security. That is why we chose Pay Pal.

What else needs to be done after I subscribe?

Nothing! From then on your membership fees will be deducted from your credit card on monthly basis.

What if I decide to stop training?

You can unsubscribe from the membership program at any time by logging in to Pay Pal. Alternatively if you need assistance contact Ken Shin Kan and we will arrange for you to be unsubscribed. This is not a contract based membership so you have no obligation to continue payments after you have stopped training.

How does this work for our child’s membership since we are currently paying per term?

The amount you pay will stay the same. The difference will be that instead of paying a lump sum at the start of the term, a monthly amount will be deducted. This can ease the burden of paying a larger sum in one go.

This is how it works.

Current method:
1st day of 10 week term payment is $110. This equals $440 per annum.

Pay Pal Method:
$440 divided across 12 months. You pay $36.67 per month.

Can I use other payment options?

Certainly! All previous options continue to be available.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above please contact Sensei Christian on 0417 467 955.

Kind regards

2009 Christmas Break

Dear Students,

Our Christmas break this year will be from:

Adults:            Last Lesson Wednesday 16th December 2009

Return Monday 18th January 2010

Children:         Last Lesson Friday 18th December 2009

Return Friday 29th January 2010

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your effort, patience and dedication throughout the year.

Wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year for 2010.  Have a great holiday and stay safe!

I hope to see you all again in the New Year.

With kind and warmest regards,

Sensei Christian Tapia.

Tall, High and Mighty

Tall high and mighty you stand in front of me your power unsurpassed. You have defeated and withstood all the winds that have challenged you, your stature and supremacy.

Tall high and mighty you stand in front of me. For years defiant you have stood your ground menacing my temple and threatening my wellbeing. To crush me and eliminate me is your desire.

Tall high and mighty you stand, when your allies come from the four corners of the earth, you unleash your power upon me, growling to the heavens and with fury your swing your limbs, leaving me vulnerable at your aggressive disposition.

Tall high and mighty you stand as you play in my mind and as we find each other and collide, your strength is unsurpassed. I wish to destroy your mightiness and bring you down to your knees, to free my mind of your hypnotic force when in thoughts we meet.

Tall high and mighty you stand your body is robust, your head is sharp, your arms are many and alive, and your legs become a million roots that ground you down. I, insignificant next to you, I stand. How long will I endure before I have the strength to defeat your mightiness? I look for your weaknesses when we confront, but when I find them you displace them, and confused I stand.

Tall high and mighty you stand, but I have found your weakness, I will make battle with my will and my sword, I will cut you down destroy your mightiness and relieve my soul. You read my mind and in my dreams you triturate me, reducing my temple to dust, and trample down I awake.

The day has come and eyeball to eyeball we meet, the day is bright the sun is high, and together alone we stand. My sword is ready sharp and shining to the infinite sky, your power unsurpassed, tall high and mighty you stand, we hesitate for a moment as we both value life, and with furore we crush. My sword goes up and down cutting whatever is on its path with each swing travelling to the infinite cosmos. Thundering screams are heard, and the earth vibrates as your arms one by one fall to the ground, and exposing your head to my shining bleeding sword.

Tall high and mighty you stand, we are in a fight your power unsurpassed. Bare and naked you stand your limbs are gone but you still robust, and in thoughts we meet as we look at each other for the last time, a piercing scream reverberates all over as your head rolls to the ground with a mortal cut, to your knees you fall your power diminished and pulverised as my sword does the final cut.

Beside myself I stand as the monster lies beneath my feet and under the brilliant sky, I look around me and deep inside of me, I am alone, I am free, and tears come to soothe my soul, as they did when I was born.

Written by Sensei Christian Tapia

The ”Do” (Way) of Karate by Sensei Christian

From an early age Sensei Christian discovered that the meaning of the Martial Arts was different to the overall concept adopted by the general community.

The teachings of the Ken-Shin-Kan Karate-do Academy have always been of a more internal nature maintaining the traditional values of our master Seiichi Yoshitaka Akamine. His teachings have been passed down incorporating the internal aspects of the Martial Arts cultivating the mind and the spirit. Even though the martial arts as well as life is and has been in constant evolution, the essence of the arts still remains. Martial Arts teaches us how to evolve into better human beings, capable of reaching our highest dimension hence becoming one with the world that surrounds us.

Master Akamine said “only kind hearted persons of strong character can attain noble ideas” how true a phrase. In the evolution of self and the quest for self discovery we develop the heart and the attitude to create strong character; attaining a positive self full of creativity and noble ideas.  This in itself is only the tip of the iceberg, there is so much to learn that a lifetime is not sufficient.

In the way of “BUDO” the way of the warrior we strive for perfection not just physical but also of the self as Sensei Akamine said of strong character, kind hearted, of noble ideas. He also mentioned that a Karateka should not be satisfied with his achievement, instead there should be a constant search for knowledge, always attaining new objectives.

On the above there is a lot written, and in the majority of cases the concept always remains. Understanding the meaning of self discovery and personal development is one thing that sometimes leads to complacency, believing that knowing it intellectually is enough. It is only with the help of great teachers that we can put all that knowledge into practice, and not just know it, but we learn to live it.

A warrior must know how to defeat the enemy, and how to be attentive to the moment, to apprehend the numerous enemies that torment us. We must learn to fill the gap between ourselves and who we truly are. To catch the moment not only in the inaction but also in the action. To go deep within the confinements of our consciousness to find yourself, and learn to live in the light without fear, to live a true existence in a beautiful garden, the garden that awaits on our awakening, once the enemies and monsters have been defeated or put behind us.

Sensei Christian Tapia

Ken Shin Kan Kids Picnic Day 2009

Hi All,

This years picnic day will be on the 15th of November at the National Park. More info to follow…

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